Friday, December 10, 2010

Leaping into groundwater!

In October I wrote about one of my first experiences with a local middle school garden club and future plans to “LEAP in to groundwater” with these students. So what has happened since my first meeting with the students? They have learned a lot and next we will jump into the educate portion of LEAP. Here’s what we have been up to…

We have talked a lot about water in the past month! We have built groundwater models, played games about the water cycle, planted seeds in a terrarium and talked about groundwater as a part of the water cycle and as an important resource in growing plants and food. We’ve discussed water quality including impacts of the rain garden they planted at their school, water borne diseases, and turbidity. They have learned about potential groundwater contamination sources including over-applied fertilizer, improperly abandoned wells, leaking underground storage tanks, sink holes, and improperly operated landfills through constructing models and demonstrating these issues. We have also built filters and learned how difficult it can be to “clean” water.

The students brainstormed ideas on how they could take what they have learned and educate others. Some think a skit would be a fun way to spread the word about the importance of groundwater. Others want to make a video or visit the elementary school they attended to share the message with younger students. Their next step will be to decide which educate idea is the best for them and how to best move forward with their idea.
I will keep you posted on their education efforts as well as what type of groundwater stewardship/protection action they want to pursue.
If you would like to LEAP into groundwater check out the LEAP website at,

Until next time, happy LEAPing!

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