Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Price of Water Vs. Conservation

When your water bill comes in the mail do you look at it in shock and say, “I better cut back on how much water I’m using so my bill will be lower next time.” I know that’s not the case with me. Because water is priced so reasonably we don’t think about conserving it like we should. On the other hand, as an owner of rental property, I do watch the water bills to look for spikes that might indicate a leaky toilet, faucet or misuse by tenants. To help keep our water bill reasonable, we install low-flow shower heads in all of our units and do inspections to check faucets/toilets on a regular basis.

Even though water is so reasonably priced, that doesn’t mean we should abuse it and not conserve it. Take time to do some of these simple things to save this precious resource. What do you do to conserve water?

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Anonymous said...

I usually try to limit the time that I'm in the shower. I'm encouraging others in my family to do the same thing.