Thursday, April 23, 2009

Reactions to "Poisoned Waters"

Tuesday night (04/21/09) PBS’s Frontline presented “Poisoned Waters” - a news investigation on major polluting factors effecting all “life” surrounding and within the Chesapeake Bay on the east coast and Puget Sound on the northwest coast (WA). The viewpoint presented indicated the major watershed polluters to be industrial runoff, large agricultural farm runoff, and storm water runoff. The future vitality of these waters is questionable, the prediction somber …. as could be for the quality of our water resources across the continent. When will our screw ups not be able to be corrected and the environment restored?

One major point expressed on “Poisoned Waters” is worth specific mention: Public engagement is a must if we’re to be successful in our environmental stewardship.

The program can be viewed on-line at selecting Frontline and “Poisoned Waters”. Its well worth the time to view this program whether you agree with the source polluting factors, or not. What’s your reaction?

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